Yosemite Treehouse

Explore the last bits of Yosemite winter by camera…tunnel view, meadows, and breathtaking views of attractions. Discover why many people visit Yosemite every year and create some stunning photographs.


Oakhurst, CA


Bryant, James


Active; Walks in the snow and cold to get the shots others are not willing to get


Easy Photography and Modeling


This trip includes car transportation. Once you arrive we take care of you, including adventures, accommodations, meals, and learning.

Dates & Guides

Feb 22–23, 2019

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What We'll Do

For this trip we will embark on a 2-day expedition in Yosemite. With 2 photographers and 4 models, we get to takeover this treehouse retreat location and make Yosemite our playground! With spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada mountains from the deck as well as inside with wall-to-wall windows. As the night comes to an end enjoy opening the door to the upstairs deck to bring the outdoors in from the comfort of your bed. A unique experience to make memories!

Your Guides

Bryant Yang

I am a lifestyle and fine art portraiture photographer from San Francisco, CA. I tend to focus on details, colors, and stories so I travel often for the best environmental portraits.


James Williams

I am a lifestyle photographer perfecting my craft. So I don’t post much, but I will some day! Enjoy my tagged pictures on social media for now.



Summary: Upon arriving in Yosemite, we will head straight into the park to explore and take some photographs. In the evening we will do a grocery run and check into the Airbnb to unpack. With introductions and an insight into the journey. Making sure everyone is prepped for the weekend. Then we’ll set everyone loose to socialize and enjoy dinner.

Photo Spots: Tunnel View, Cook’s Meadow, Happy Isle Loop Field, The Ahwahnee, Valley View, Pioneer Yosemite History Center

Food: Beef Broccoli Stir-fry or alternative

Lodging: Airbnb in Oakhurst

Summary: Wake up early this morning to make some breakfast and coffee. Then photograph in the Airbnb and the rest of our Yosemite attractions. We’ll grab some dinner then say our final goodbyes and drive home with our carpool and continue on your next adventure. 

Photo Spots: Airbnb, Sentinel Bridge, Yosemite Valley, Mirror Lake, Valley View

Food: Stop by a restaurant of choice on the way out

Where We're Going

Tunnel View

Cook’s Meadow

Happy Isle Loop Field

The Ahwahnee

Valley View

Pioneer Yosemite History Center


Sentinel Bridge

Yosemite Valley

Mirror Lake

What You Will Learn

We all have extended experiences in portrait and fashion photography. Shoot and edit on whatever device you want. Even a smartphone! Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • Travel, lifestyle, and portrait photography tips
  • Tips on DSLR, Mirrorless, and smartphone photography
  • Framing and composition
  • Working with natural light
  • Exposing correctly
  • Editing tips
  • Social media strategy

What's Included

  • 1 night in an Airbnb (prices per person)
  • Entrance to all activities
  • Transportation to and from Yosemite
  • Photography and editing lessons
  • 3 meals per day, snacks, and beverages

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