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Interchangeable Studio


Hosted by Bryant
March 2, 2019
11 AM-1 PM or 1-3 PM
Hayward, CA

Take over this 7K+ sqft natural light studio with spacious and comfortable meeting areas with hair and makeup room, boudoir viewing room, dedicated shooting areas with styled sets and interchangeable sets. From a black velvet set with multiple prop options, a charcoal grey molded wall set, grey fireplace set, wood wall and bed set, wardrobe set, brick wall set, brick wall with bed, 4 different headboard options, bohemian bed set, Parisian room with multiple sets within, floral wall installation and so much more. For this studio meet we have 2 time slots where, for 2 hours each, 10 photographers and 10 models get to takeover this styled interchangeable studio in Hayward! This event is open to all creatives—you do not need to be a Twine member to attend. Hurry and snag tickets because we will only be in this space for a few hours!

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Refunds: We are unable to provide refunds unless the event is canceled. If you cannot attend and would like a refund, you will need to find someone to take your spot and have them reimburse you.