Greg Esman

In the spirit of providing value and building strong community relationships, welcome to a series focused on highlighting community creatives so we can all get to know, network, collaborate, and support each other a little bit more. This week’s morning Community Creative highlight is Greg Esman. Here is Greg in his own words.

Where are you from and what is it like there?

I’m from Canada, in a city called Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Though, my family is from Minsk, Belarus. Ottawa feels very homey. I’m not just saying that because I grew up there. Streets are smaller, and the “color grade” of the city is more colorful, and less grey and industrial. There are even custom and very colorful decals on mailboxes that add life and color to the city. Meanwhile, Minsk is like traveling back in time 20-30 years. The cars are older, there are less rules and regulations, and even the relationship dynamics are old school. It goes as deep as the language. They use words from the old English language. Instead of saying “Let’s go to the movies”, they say “Let’s go to the Cinema”. People can still speak their mind without worrying about offending others. It’s like living in this (sadly) temporary tear in the timeline, where time there hasn’t quite caught up to the modern day you and I experience. Another way to imagine Minsk is like this: Think about all the most beautiful models you know (Men, and women) living in one city all together, and they all hold normal jobs. That’s Minsk. Right now, Minsk is in this beautiful balance of traditional life where not many people are on their cellphones out in the street, and there aren’t many regulations, yet tech is starting to break out. You see more new cars on the street, they just launched an “Uber” (Yandex Taxi, for anyone curious) in the city, and other technological advancements are making their way into Minsk. I just wish Minsk could be frozen in this time forever. It’s so beautiful.

What type of creator are you (i.e. photographer, model, MUA(H), etc.)? How did you get into it?

I’m a photographer. How I got into photography is the usual story from a European family. It goes like this: The father has a camera (Usually a Canon), the son is obsessed with taking photos, and always asks to use the camera. I was that son. I think because I started messing around with photography at such a young age gave me the ability to make beautiful photos with just about anything.

Do you do it for fun or professionally? Any success tips for people who may be interested in what you are doing?

I started doing it for fun, and now I’m slowly transferring to making money with photography. In terms of success tips, it’s a very broad topic. Message me with what exactly you want success tips on, and I’ll be able to better answer your question.

Anything new or recent you’re working on that you’re excited about?

Something new I’ll be doing is going on a 3000 mile long road trip around California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, visiting a few national parks. Lots of landscape photos will come out of that! I’m also trying to find someone with a Phase One XF camera, who has the 150MP sensor, so I can create a gigapixel portrait. Just adding that in there in case someone knows someone.

Who inspires you? Where do you get inspiration from?

Good photographers inspire me. I’m part of multiple Facebook photography groups, and whenever I see a beautiful photo, a photo that I haven’t seen before, or a photo that is shot from an interesting angle, I save it, and link the creator’s Facebook profile with the photo, so I always know who made it. I think looking at the best photography you can find and aiming to get to that level is a great way to quickly improve your photography, because you start visualizing how good photos look. Then, you can start taking better photos, because you know what to aim for. As your own style develops, in time, you can branch off of copying others, and create your own style, built off a foundation made from learning to photograph from other incredible photographers.

What is something random about you?

My hair was blonde, and my eyes were blue when I was younger. Then they naturally changed.

What is something you can help other members with? What is something members can help you with right now?

Want to learn how to longboard? I feel like there is a lot I can help other members with. Drop what you’d like support with below, and I’ll do my best to give you a great, actionable answer. For me, I would be really grateful if you can help me with being employed as a photographer! I think working for Facebook, Google, or other big brands as a photographer would be really cool. Who are some connections you can think of that can help with this?

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Community Creative! Stay tuned for next week.
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