Garrick Wong

In the spirit of providing value and building strong community relationships, welcome to a series focused on highlighting community creatives so we can all get to know, network, collaborate, and support each other a little bit more. This week’s morning Community Creative highlight is Garrick Wong. Here is Garrick in his own words.

Where are you from and what is it like there?

My name is Garrick Wong, short name, G-man. I’m born in San Francisco and raised in Sacramento, California. Growing up, life was simple yet boring in downtown Sacramento. My family didn’t have much starting a new life in United States, and they worked 14-16 hour shifts everyday, so I grew up as a mischievous, rebellious, and lonely kid.

What type of creator are you (i.e. photographer, model, MUA(H), etc.)? How did you get into it?

I am a creative director and fashion photographer. I got into photography as a means to escape isolation, depression, and boredom. I wanted to get out and do something to inspire people who may have felt trapped or felt like it was a norm as an Asian American to be work in traditional jobs such as a businessmen, lawyer, or doctor. I started my career off as a photojournalism, which lasted about three years. I covered photo stories of homeless youth, riots in the Bay Area, sub cultural groups, and food. I later transitioned into fashion photography out of curiosity and then later grew from there as a creative director.

Do you do it for fun or professionally? Any success tips for people who may be interested in what you are doing?

I started out as a fashion photographer for fun in one year, but realized that it wasn’t fulfilling/challenging for me. Growing up, I always liked a challenge. I started looking for magazines, designers, models, and anyone who needed new editorial ideas to be photographed. After a year or two of working successfully as a fashion photographer in San Francisco, I then moved back to Sacramento, where I work as a photographer for a sports and apparels brand, in addition to freelance work.

Some tips I would recommend people who are going or are planning to do fashion photography? I would say just do it, because the biggest set back for me was fear of rejection. I was rejected many times, failed many times, and had to make some bad deals to figure out where I am now.

Anything new or recent you’re working on that you’re excited about?

There will be a few new projects I would be working on in the upcoming months. I will be shooting for a few designers for a look book, shoot a few agency test shoots, plan out/strategize design and layouts for magazine, and plan to get into more exhibitions, galleries, and local shops for the new year!

Who inspires you? Where do you get inspiration from?

It’s interesting to think of the many people who inspires me. The first I would say is my family. Seeing my family struggle as immigrants in United States has definitely been a factor for being a photojournalist. The second inspiration comes from my mentors and photography legends such as Annie Leibowitz, Richard Avedon, and Peter Lindbergh. I think a lot of my photojournalism and fashion photography finds its light from Lindbergh. I want to tell an honest story and show natural beauty of a character in a frame. No BS, just the subject or the subjects in a scene.

What is something random about you?

Something random about me. I’m basically Asian Jim from the Office.

What is something you can help other members with? What is something members can help you with right now?

Something I can help other members grow is by helping them with lighting, direction, strategy, marketing, and creative directing. And something that members can help right now is appreciating my work and being able to spread the word or even reposting a story post.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Community Creative! Stay tuned for next week.
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