Anna Olson

In the spirit of providing value and building strong community relationships, welcome to a series focused on highlighting community creatives so we can all get to know, network, collaborate, and support each other a little bit more. This week’s morning Community Creative highlight is Anna Olson. Here is Anna in her own words.

Where are you from and what is it like there?

The East Bay Area! I like how the East Bay is very family friendly and slower pace, but you are still very close to San Francisco and San Jose!

What type of creator are you (i.e. photographer, model, MUA(H), etc.)? How did you get into it?

I am a model and have been for around 5 years now. I started because I knew about my moms modeling career and was always intrigued by it. I grew up doing martial arts, but had to stop due to medical issues, I tried other sports, but had to stop those as well. At that point I wanted to find something I could enjoy and not put my health at risk and that’s when I realized modeling would be a great option! The second I started I fell in love with it as a creative outlet and potential profession.

Do you do it for fun or professionally? Any success tips for people who may be interested in what you are doing?

Mostly professionally other than the slight exception when I just want to do something creative with a photographer I like. However, my professional work I consider pretty fun.

Anything new or recent you’re working on that you’re excited about?

So excited to be signing with an agency very soon!

Who inspires you? Where do you get inspiration from?

Most of my inspiration I just think of and normally cannot find a similar photo online so I try to describe mental vision the best possible.

What is something random about you?

I have my black belt in martial arts, know sign language and kick butt in laser tag.

What is something you can help other members with? What is something members can help you with right now?

I am great at marketing ideas and helpful tips for branding yourself. I could use some information about how to boost engagement with instagrams forever changing algorithm.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Community Creative! Stay tuned for next week.
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